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Most websites cost way too much and take WAY too long to get built.

You see, right now, a LOT of people want to do business online. But a major obstacle in their way is the need for a website.

And that’s where the problems can start.

High initial costs…

Web developer not returning your calls…

The website doesn’t ‘quite’ do everything it was supposed to.

You’re left out of pocket. And things moved so slowly that a great business opportunity for you may have slipped by (timing is everything in business).


There is a MUCH better way…

DoneRightSites was developed with one single purpose in mind.

To provide high-quality websites, on time, at an affordable price… and to remove ALL the stress and friction that often accompanies a website project.

After all, your energy is best spent working on your business…

…NOT working on your website (that’s what you get us to do).

After all, your energy is best spent working on your business…

…NOT working on your website (that’s what you get us to do).

How Do We Produce Such Stunning, Affordable Websites?

Since the internet makes us all so easily connected, we’re no longer restricted to using designers in the US, Australia, or New Zealand.

Our network encompasses the entire globe.

And because of that, we can get even better designs produced, at a fraction of the price.

How, you might be thinking… cheap developers means poor quality.

That’s often true.

But NOT when you work with Done Right Sites.

We have spent years sourcing and training only the best and most experienced developers. Match that with our in-house quality assurance team and you’ve got yourself a quality product at a fraction of the price.

Now, a traditional web design firm tends to keep that extra margin.

Simple. We use a completely different business model to all the other website design and development firms.

But we pass that saving on to YOU… our customer. And although you could, theoretically, go out and source your own design and development team, it does take some experience to build a top-notch team, project manage the design, and deliver something of real quality.

Which is why so many SME’s turn to us at DoneRightSites to make sure their website looks fantastic, has all key conversion measures in place to make sure you get leads, and represents your brand the way you want the market to see it.

All for an affordable price.

Which leaves more of your working capital available to YOU to invest in website traffic, SEO, or other aspects of your business.

Our Process

Initial chat to find out what you need on your website

We create a wireframe of the new website to show you exactly how it will be laid out (a wireframe is like the floorplan for a house)

Once the wireframe is approved, we fully design the website, get your feedback, and make revisions until you are completely, 100% delighted with the look and feel of your new website.

We turn the design into a fully functioning website for you and get final signoff! Congratulations, you have a new, beautiful website!